Instagram’s popularity has been increasing ever since the picture-sharing application was first launched back in 2010. Time seems to fly when we watch stories and reels of our friends, families, or celebrities. Instagram’s team is constantly working to make the applications' experience as good as possible for their users. Today, we will be going through some of the updates that Instagram has introduced in 2022. 


Subscriptions are a great addition for influencers and content creators, as it will help them create extra revenue. This is to make sure that their popularity or subscriptions are solely based on their content instead of different variables. This will help fans connect with their favorite content creators exclusively and get closer to them.

Three types of subscriptions are said to be added for now: 

  1. Live subscriptions: Influencers / Creators will only go live for their subscribers and not for regular users. 
  2. Stories Subscriptions: A purple ring around the creator's story will be visible to indicate that the story is exclusive to its subscribers. 
  3. Subscription badges: Subscribers will get a purple batch which will make them stand out in direct messages (DMs) and comments for the Creators to connect easily.  

This feature was added after Instagram announced to the removal of its IGTV ads, which will surely help prominent creators monetize and earn extra. Instagram’s CEO, Adam Mosseri mentioned that the feature is currently available in the US, but they are working on making it global very soon.

Desired Order of feed

We always wonder how the algorithms of Instagram’s post-viewing work and if there was ever a way to modify them. Recently, Instagram added a feature that will surely make its users’ experience better as they will be able to select in what chronicle order the post they view appear.  

  1. Home: This is the default option that we view currently. The algorithm decides and shows based on how much you have engaged with similar content and how it will keep the user interested. 
  2. Favorites: The accounts that are marked as favorites by the user will show up on the feed. 
  3. Following: Orderly view of posts based on accounts followed by the user, the same algorithm that was used in old social media applications. 

Enhanced Tags 

Enhanced tags are a new feature added this year by Instagram to show appreciation to all the creators of specific content. For example, designers, make-up artists, cameramen etc. This helps them get recognized and help them increase their follower count. However, if you are new and have just started, you can buy Instagram followers to boost sales and revenue through your account.

Adding an enhanced tag is no big task, as all you need to do is create a new post, and after the caption and editing are done, click on Tag People. You just have to tap the profile category to display the creator category, and it is done. This helps spotlight those who work hard behind the scenes and make sure people appreciate them for their efforts. Likes on Instagram posts also help you to increase your engagement and promote your content.

Liking a Story

Instagram has updated the way someone can show or react to what they think about your story. Earlier, a direct message was sent with the reaction that you wanted to show. Thanks to this new feature, now you can like or react to a story without sending a DM to the uploader. The creator can view that you have liked the story just below your name, where they view the number of people that have watched their story.

Scheduling of live videos 

Live videos help creators and influencers interact with their audience, hold a Q&A session, or just casually show what they are doing. Fans love to be a part of the lives of the people they follow and love. However, earlier users were missing out on live videos of their favorite accounts. 

A scheduled live option has been added for content creators on Instagram. They can have a life scheduled, and it will appear in your profile just below the bio. Users who click on it will have a live video reminder to know that a live video has started. This greatly aids in reaching out to more people and more people. Creators with a low follower count can buy Instagram followers to help grow their accounts.  


Instagram has taken the world by storm with its advanced features. These new updates can help improve the users' experience on this interface along with facilitating them in many ways on a personal level. The head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri has confirmed all these new features, which will significantly impact the user experience constructively.